Open Wellbeing

is about making life an extraordinary adventure
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Our Mission

To help strengthen healthy self-care, freedom of expressions, empowerment and motivation.

Open Wellbeing is taking the quality of life to a higher level. We support in enhancing internal contentment, happiness and resilience in life by offering a range of interactive well-being activities.

We are practitioners providing group and individual sessions in art, music, mindfulness, laughter yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), life coaching and much more.

This is what we do…

Stress less, accomplish more.

Enhance your mental and emotional processes with increased clarity, stability and focus. Greatly magnifies emotional wellbeing…

creative expression through art

Switch on creativity and boost physical and mental well-being through art. Scientific evidence proves art enhances brain function…

singing class group art teraphy

Improvisation is the act of creating music on the spot. It nurtures the creative mind, reduces the fear of making mistakes…

laughter yoga

With laughter raise endorphins, (the feel-good hormone) and reduce cortisol (the stress hormone). Our bodies can return to rest, increasing health benefits…

How It Works



Call us or fill up the contact form in order to exchange basic information, how can we help you. We will ask you about your needs, expectations and answer all your questions.  



Next, we will send you an offer tailored to your needs in your e-mail. You going to see details about the particular workshops, consultations or the whole program of cooperation (depends, what do you need at the moment). 



This is the moment, when we are coming to you on the agreed date to make a plan come true. But this is not the end. Afterward, we will ask you for brief feedback, to make sure, that you are 100% satisfied. 

See, what are we doing and why our participants enjoy so much our classes.

Instuctors and tutors

This is our team. We do love, what we do and would be more than happy to make a workshops or whole projects for you.   

Fabiola Retamozo

Co-founder and multidisciplinary artist. Her work focus on line and space, painting collaborative art…

Michal Kutzner

Co-founder and certified Life Coach, counsellor and Mindfulness Instructor. Having over 7 years of experience…

Ida Sevelkaityte

Co-founder and musician, facilitator with 20 years of artistic practice. Her biggest value is building community through music…

Patricia Byrne

Qualified Laughter leader and EFT Practitioner who has over 20 years of experience in the Health & Social Care field…

Contact us

We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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    If you prefer to call as straight a way, feel free to do so. Here you can find the basic informations about our locations and phone numbers. 

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