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Mindfulness Training - Stress Less Accomplish More

Date: Thursday 14th of November 2020, 6pm 

Some stress is important as a motivator both in life and at work. However, it can easily become chronic, and this has detrimental effects on our long term health. Mindfulness training helps raise a feeling of calm, clarity and concentration. This specific practice is an antidote to stress and a creativity boost.

Price: 5£ per 1,5hrs class.

Voice, Breath & Body

These sessions combine body awareness and breathing exercises as well as vocal warm-ups, helping to relax, deepen connectedness to ones body and assisting one into finding own voice.

Dates: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
11th November
18th November
25th November
2nd December

Price: £5/person (minimum 10 participants, 1hr)

Drawing Social

Drawing Social is a space for lovers of drawing, you do not need experience or skills, just the willingness to draw and share your experience with others.
We will explore different themes like transforming different landscapes, self-
portrait and much more.
Things to consider

Due to the current circumstances during the session, we will also use google
maps, which will help us to transport to our favourite scenery for drawing, other
resources will be available during the workshop if you don’t have google maps.
There are no strict rules to which materials you may like to use.

Date: Every
Wednesday 5pm-6pm
Friday 5pm 6pm

Price: £5 per 1hrs class.

Sing Your Heart Out

Sing your heart out is a program that aims to support and nurture creative minds, reducing the fear of making mistakes, and helps to confront the inner-hyper-critical-self. In these sessions, through their voices, participants will learn to relax, develop the ability to express themselves as well as communicate with greater authenticity and freedom.

Dates: Thursdays @ 6pm
12th November
19th November
26th November
3rd December

Price: £5/person (minimum 10 participants, 1hr)

Intuitive Art

Our activities have been designed to promote physical and mental wellbeing through art.

Our Art sessions will encourage individuals to push their boundaries, to experiment with different art materials, as well as to find a break from the current moment, through relaxing, drawing & painting exercises.

Materials: watercolours, pencils, paper, cuts from magazine or newspaper, glue.

Date: Every Tuesday 6:30pm – 730pm

Price: £5 per 1hrs class. 

Intuitive Art individuals – £40

Life Coaching - Individual Sessions

The first meeting is for free, contact us today.

Want to get support in making your dreams come true?
Want to know yourself better?
Want to be more effective?
The individual Life Coaching session is the best proposition to boost your creativity, to find solutions and broaden your perspective upon the problems you are currently facing.

Price: £40/1,5hrs session 

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