Laughter Yoga

Relax your body and mind with
joy and laught

laugh therapy!

When laughter is used as a tool for wellbeing, there are physiological changes in the body. Through deep, diaphragm (yogic) laughter, science has proven we raise endorphins, (the feel good hormone) and reduce cortisol
the stress. Our bodies can return to rest & digest mode
increasing health benefits. These include lowering blood pressure,
bolstering immunity, keeping the heart healthy & decreasing anxiety.

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When we support the brain to stress less through
’calming’ the amygdala (the fight or flight response in the
brain), we are no longer in a state of fear or worry &
therefore better focused, sleep better, heal better, reduce
pain & bring the joy of the present into our lives! This is an
easy tool for any age! If this is practiced regularly, just 10
minutes a day could also prolong your life & help you live

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