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All workshops and individual sessions are available for free for everyone, who live or work in London Borough of Southwark.

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Fri 24.07
11am – 12 noon   
Drawing Online
6pm – 7pm
Intuitive Art making as a way to connect with your Inner Self 

Sat 25.07
9am – 10am, 1pm – 4pm 
Free your potential through an individual music session  
How to sing in Harmony
4 – 5pm
Drawing Online
4pm – 6pm
Master Your Time Management
6pm – 7pm
Intuitive Art making as a way to connect with your Inner Self 

Short description of the workshops

Time Management Online Workshop 

Do you have a feeling that you have not enough time for your dreams and hobby? Take part in Time Management workshop and find great tools to boost your productivity, creativity and self-confidence to finally start doing more of what you love the most. 

What to expect?  

  1. Short introduction,  
  1. The most necessary theory,  
  1. Psychological tools, which you will be able to use by yourself straight away for your self-development.  
  1. Questions & Answers 


  • Be more productive and focus on key activities to achieve the goals, 
  • Reduce the amount of stress in your life, 
  • Find better decision making,  
  • Improve work-life balance.  

Intuitive Art making as a way to connect with your Inner Self. 

Is a two-hours session which will encourage individuals to push their boundaries, to experiment with different art materials, as well as to find a break from the current moment, through relaxing, drawing & painting exercises.

Free your potential through an individual music session

In this session, a participant will learn to relax through music, release emotions through own voice, increase creativity and imagination as well as develop self-awareness.  

There is nprevious experience with music required. 


How to sing in Harmony

the workshopis a safe, welcoming, and fun space to learn singing in harmony with like-minded people. Participants will study an easy choir song, learn to relax through vocal activity, practice deep listening and develop fundamentals of healthy voice technique.  

There is no previous experience required. All voices are welcome. 

PS: You will only need headphones and a laptop/iPad/phone for Zoom. 

Online Drawing 

Is a social space for lovers of drawing, you do not need experience or skills, just the willingness to draw and share your experience with others.  

We will explore different themes like transforming different landscapes, self-portrait  and much more.  

Due to the current circumstances during the session we will also use google maps, which will help us to transport to our favorite scenery for drawing, other resources will be available during the workshop if you don’t have google maps .  

They are not strict rules to which materials you may like to use. 

How It Works


  1. We will meet via zoom app. On your email, you will receive the link to the virtual room. Instaling zoom on your computer or phone is easy and quick.


  2. The workshop will be 1h or 2h long. 


  3. You can join and leave at any point, but we need you to fill up a 1-minute feedback form for us.   

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